Greetings, fellow jazz lover! Tonight’s show is going to feature some of jazz’s most popular artists from the past and the present, and a taste or two of jazz’s future.

From “Bird’s Best Bop On Verve,” we’ll be hearing the man most refer to as “the immortal Charlie Parker.” We’ll also be hearing from Maynard Ferguson, Gene Ammons, and Sonny Stitt, as well as Houston Person. I’ll also be bringing Hank Crawford’s “Down On The Deuce” for another spin, plus our own Art Abrams and the Swing Machine Big Band.

Tonight will also feature another installment of “Montreux ’77: The Art Of The Jam Session,” and possibly even a time warp to 1997’s “Legends Live At Montreux.” Somewhere along the line you can also expect to hear from Jamie Cullum and Eldar, two of jazz’s latest bright stars!

Eldar has a new CD coming out June 5th according to his web site. The name is “Re-imagination,” and I for one can’t wait to hear it next September when it finally makes its way into KMHD’s “new release” section.

The above is just a sampling of the great “real jazz” you will hear on tonight’s show. As usual there will also be offerings from local artists and several new releases to tickle your jazz-bone!

Ironman Jere Lee will be sitting in for me on May 12 (thanks, Jere!) as I take a short mental-health break from my day job and go out of town for a while. This will be the first show I’ve missed since… hmm… this time last year! I think I’m about due for a break. 🙂

I will return in time for the May 19th show, however. And don’t miss Jere’s own show every Tuesday between 2 and 6PM!

I hope you’ll tune in tonight and every Saturday at 6PM and spend the evening with me at 89.1 FM (or at kmhd.fm on the web).

That’s about it for now. Thanks for listening!

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