I seem to have gotten so wrapped up in other things that I forgot to post the new releases I played during last week’s show. So without further delay…

(Artist / Song Title / Album / Label)

1) Hendrik Meurkins / The Bee / Sambatropolis / Zoho
2) Houston Person / Thinking Of You / Thinking Of You / High Note
3) Bob DeVoss / Blues On The Corner / Playing For Keeps / Savant
4) The Willie Williams Trio / Mo’ Grits / Comet Ride / Miles High Productions
5) David Bennett Cohen / Crawfish Royale / Cookin’ With Cohen / Core Records
6) Michael O’Neil / Still Dancin’ / Still Dancin’ / Jazzmo
7) Eight To The Bar / Rumba Queen / Calling All Ickeroos / Jitter Bop!
8) Jim Snidero / Fried Oysters / Tippin’ / Savant
9) David “Fathead” Newman / It’s You Or No One / Diamondhead / High Note

As always, the rest of my playlist for the evening can be found at kmhd.fm.

I played no new releases on the pledge drive show, 3-8-2008. Pledge drive time is hectic enough without trying to preview new releases at the same time.

Tonight’s new releases will be posted tomorrow before 12 noon Pacific Time.

Thanks for listening to Saturday Night Jazz on KMHD! Please use the comment feature to leave any comments or questions.


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