(Artist / Song Title / Album / Label)

1) David “Fathead” Newman / Diamondhead / Diamondhead / HighNote
2) Gonzalo Rubalcaba / Hip Side / Avatar / Blue Note
3) Scott Hamilton / Something For Red / Across The Tracs / Concord
4) Eric Alexander Quartet / Blues Like / Prime Time / HighNote
5) Phil Woods & Carl Saunders / Walkin’ Bass / Phil Woods & Carl Saunders Play Henry Mancini / Jazzed Media
6) The Thom Rotella 4-Tet / The Dr. Is In / Out Of The Blues / Four Bar
7) David Brandom / Blues On The Corner / No Way Out / Blujazz
8) Armand Boatman / Funk In A Deep Freeze / Bebop Revolution / Tempest

Fewer than normal, but winners all in my book. To see my complete playlist for last night (or any other show) just go to kmhd.fm and follow the “playlists” link.

Don’t forget, coming July 5: Montreux ’77: The Art Of The Jam Session! (See the May 25 post below for details.)

If you have any questions or comments, please click the “comments” link below.

As always, my sincere thanks to each and every one of you for listening, and for your support! Thank you!

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