I will be no longer maintaining this blog after today, September 4, 2008.

For some time now I have also had a blog of sorts on MySpace. After today I will be making any announcements that I would have made here, there. That includes specifically the listing of new releases played on each show.

[Note: the MySpace page referred to above has been shut down by me.]

I discontinued that posting during the summer months so the announcement about “Montreux ’77: The Art Of The Jam Session” would stay on top without me having to retype (or copy and paste) the whole thing every week.

Now that the two month long Montreux ’77 vinyl boxed set extravaganza is over, I will be resuming posting the new releases I’ve played, beginning with those I play on September 6.

That posting, and any and all after that, will be made at http://www.myspace.com/saturdaynightjazz.

I’m doing this because a) it’s kind of a pain to maintain two blogs about the same thing, my radio show; and b) I like MySpace’s features better. (Also, I’ve never been overly fond of Google, to be completely honest about it. Google, of course, owns eBlogger and Blogspot.)

I’m hoping to find a way to move the links along the right hand margin over to MySpace. That is the one feature this site has that MySpace apparently does not have.

What is already here will remain for a while. Eventually though, eigher Google or I will delete it. In the meantime, why wait? Come on over to my blog on MySpace and be my friend!

Thank you for listening to Saturday Night Jazz on 89.1 FM, KMHD!

Al Evans

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