Thanks to the generosity of Montreal pianist Geoff Lapp, last Saturday night I was able to give four lucky listeners download codes that would allow them to download the Geoff Lapp Trio’s latest CD, “Stained Glass”, for free.

As of today, one of the winners still has not emailed Geoff to claim his free download code.

If that person is YOU, please drop me a line at saturdaynightjazz at yahoo dot com so I can see to it you get your prize.

All I ask is that you tell me your first name and the approximate time it was when you won, and that you email me before midnight on this coming Friday. It’s not fair to ask Geoff to hang on to that download code forever waiting to see if it’s claimed.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks for listening to Saturday Night Jazz on 89.1 FM, KMHD!

Al Evans

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