I just added David J. Hahn’s and Cameron Mizell’s “Musician Wages.com” to my list of links. This site is a great resource for working musicians everywhere! Both men are professional musician, and obviously know whereof they speak. The site features articles written by several other musicians as well as their own thoughtful, informative pieces.

Some recent article titles:

To A Mother Concerned About File Sharing“, by Cameron Mizell
How To Effectively Promote And Sell Your Music On iTunes“, by Cameron Mizell
Average Pay For Cruise Line Musicians“, by David J. Hahn
The Self-Released Album 101: The Basics“, by Cameron Mizell
Music Rehearsal: A User’s Guide“, by David Jolley

And many others. The focus of the site is not how to play music, but rather, as they describe it themselves, …how to make a living as a musician. There are many resources about the music business, but this website is about the musician business – for those who create the music.

If you’re a working musician, I think you owe it to yourself to check this out. (No, I am not being paid to say that. In fact, neither Cameron nor David will know I’ve written this until I publish this article and send David the link.)

Full disclosure: I happen to be a fan of Cameron Mizell’s, having played tracks from his CD “Life Is Loud” on my Saturday Night Jazz show.


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