This weekend is the 29th annual Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, and for the seventh year KMHD is simulcasting all three days.

Saturday night’s closing act, The Carlton Jackson-Dave Mills Big Band, was late getting started and so did not wrap until almost 8:15PM. That was fine with me. I was kicked back in the control room enjoying the music!

Normally I play 3 or 4 new releases each hour, beginning about 22 minutes into the hour and running until whatever time the final song ends. However, by the time the post-concert interview was over, I was left with a little less than 40 minutes for my show. That being the case, I chose instead to finish out the hour with several “live” recordings to more or less continue the party atmosphere created by the festival.

Unfortunately, no one online was able to enjoy the simulcast because KMHD’s web site apparently was down the whole evening, and is still down as I am writing this blog at 9:45 on Sunday morning. I was able to log onto the “administrator” section of the site to make several entries to the online playlist tool throughout the evening, but the public areas of the site were and are still unavailable. 😦

Bottom-line: I played no new releases last night. Next week things will return to normal, whatever that is, and I fully expect to play a dozen or so new CD’s for you.

Thanks for listening and for supporting 89.1FM – KMHD!

Al Evans


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