Here are the jazz new releases I played last night on Saturday Night Jazz. Times given are Pacific Time.


6:21 Reuben Wilson / Kitchen Fire Blues / Azure Te / 18th & Vine
6:30 Bob Mintzer Big Band / My Shining Hour / Swing Out / MCG Jazz
6:39 Sunna Gunnlaugs / Upon Heaven’s Blue Bow / Songs From Iceland / Sunny Sky Records
6:45 John Coltrane / Under Paris Skies / Side Steps / Prestige

7:22 Towner Gallagher / Afro Blue / Courageous Hearts / TownerGallagherMusic
7:30 Bug / Wishful Thinking / The Gadfly / Origin
7:39 Joshua Breakstone / Blues Heretofore / No One Knew / Capri
7:47 Steve Hall / The Big One / Crescent City Rebirth / Moovealong

8:25 Bridge Quartet / Bemsha Swing / Night / Origin
8:41 The Jeff Hamilton Trio / The Serpent’s Tooth / Symbiosis / Capri
8:48 Brian Bromberg / Slap Happy / It Is What It Is / Artistry

There you have it: ELEVEN new releases this week! That’s down by one from the normal dozen, but the Bridge Quartet version of Bemsha Swing ran just over 15 minutes, so I think everyone got their money’s worth. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, please either post it as a comment here or send me an email to saturdaynightjazz at yahoo dot com.

About the show:

Saturday Night Jazz is a three hour program of REAL jazz music (and a little blues too) broadcast on 89.1 FM, KMHD and streamed live on the web at kmhd.org.

Every hour I play 20 to 25 minutes of new jazz releases, beginning at approximately 22 minutes into the hour. The rest of each hour is devoted to bringing you the best older jazz… “older” in this case meaning anything that is no longer “new”. One minute you might hear David Sanborn from last year’s hit CD “Here And Gone”; the next minute you might hear a classic Coltrane track from the 1950’s.

I play mostly up-beat instrumental music interspersed with a few vocals. Saturday night is for feeling good and having fun, and Saturday Night Jazz strives to present the kind of music that will help you achieve that.

What you will NOT hear on Saturday Night Jazz (or on any KMHD programming) is so-called “smooth jazz”. Pretty much anything else is fair game though!

To see my complete playlist for last night’s show, or any previous show, for that matter, head on over to kmhd.org and click on the “Playlists” link.

About KMHD:

Jazz Radio 89.1 FM KMHD was founded in 1984 on the campus of Mount Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. MHCC still owns the FCC license, but since August 10, 2009 the station has operated under a partnership between the college and Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). An all volunteer on-air staff of nearly 40 jazz and blues lovers present the music, supported by the highly professional staff of OPB.

KMHD is the ONLY full time jazz and blues station in the Portland metropolitan area. Besides being available in a large area of northwest Oregon and southwest Washington at 89.1 FM on the radio dial, KMHD also streams live on the Internet 24/7 at kmhd.org.

THANK YOU for your support, and for listening to Saturday Night Jazz on KMHD!

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