This week’s Jazz For A Saturday Night is going to be another look back at one of my earlier reviews. That would be the August 27, 2011 review of Lou Donaldson’s album, “Play The Right Thing”.

To save you having to page back to over a year ago, you can access the newly revised and greatly expanded review by clicking here.
When I say “greatly expanded”, I mean it. The original review was 409 words. The new version is over 1,300!
This was necessary as part of my plan to take my earlier reviews and revise them so they are both more complete and so they follow the format that I developed over time.

Many of those earlier reviews were quite short, which fact the Donaldson article is a good example of. Also, none of them had any embedded videos from YouTube, Veoh or any other online video sites.

Having said that, I have to also say that there actually aren’t any embeded videos in the new version of the Donaldson review, for reasons which I explain at the end of the article.

Then there is also the little detail that months after I wrote the original, Donaldson was the recipient of one of the most prestigious awards a jazz musician can receive. Details of that achievement are in the new version.
This was also necessary to give me time to work on the reboot of my other web site, Remember Q-Link. November 2, 2012 will be the 20th anniversary of the demise of Q-Link, and I hope to re-launch the web site on that date. Before that can happen, I have a lot of content to write, other content to scan, a web site authoring program to re-learn how to use, and then put it all together in a pleasing, logical format.
For those of you who don’t know what Q-Link was, you might want to visit my September 11, 2012 posting, “Recalling The Origins Of Social Networking“. As a typical writer, I run off at the keyboard for a bit before I get to the bit about Q-Link, but if you stick with me long enough, it’s there.
I hope you enjoy the new version of the Lou Donaldson review. It is more than triple the length of the original article and has a lot more information about Donaldson himself.
Please feel free to click the comment link below and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you!

One thought on “Jazz For A Saturday Night

  1. Correction: November 2, 2012, will be the 18th anniversary of Q-Link's demise. As it is, I'm likely to miss that date for the reboot, but I will have it up and running as soon as I can.


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