[NOTE: I just spent about an hour posting and deleting and reposting test posts as I worked my way through using (and writing about) the blog posting template in Microsoft Word 2007. What follows is a somewhat abbreviated journal of those tests. Wherever you see three asterisks, ***, that is where I stopped and did a test upload before continuing.]

So I found this really cool (meaning simple, I thought) blogging template for MS Word. I thought it would be cool to use it to write my blog posts and perhaps get away from the one lingering problem I had at Blogger that has followed me when I bought my own domain and moved to WordPress.

That problem is this. Every week I write my post in Word, and then copy and paste it from Word into either Blogger’s text editor window or Word Press’ equivalent, invariably all hyperlinks are removed and so are most but, oddly, not all, paragraph breaks.

I don’t know yet if this template will correct that or not, but I am about to find out. I hope.


Okay, I just did a test run and posted this directly from the template without signing onto my WordPress dashboard.

It was quick and it worked.

Now there is one other problem that I want to check out, namely the matter of photo placement. On Blogger, if I included the photo in my original Word document, blogger would strip it out.

I had to upload and insert album art for the album I was writing about separately, then use word wrap in the Blogger editor to have text run alongside and below the photo.

On WordPress, the best I have been able to do until now is center the photo all alone between paragraphs, or have the very first sentence of the next paragraph snuggled up against the lower right corner of the photo.

I really, really, want that word wrap look. Will this template allow me to do that?

Let’s find out.


So far, so good. The template did allow me to position the photo more or less the way I want. Let’s see what happens now when I upload this to the blog.


The results are, shall we say, mixed. It worked, but I don’t seem to have quite as much control over which exact line of text aligns itself with the top corner of the photo. That is relatively small stuff compared to the major problems I was having with Blogger’s editor the last few weeks before I moved the blog.

As time goes by and I get more experienced at working with this template, I may even find a way to overcome this minor blip.

I can live with that.

Al Evans


Copyright © 2013 by Al Evans. All rights reserved.

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