This week there will be no Jazz For A Saturday Night. Partly because I’m on vacation and have other things I want to do, and partly because I’m using some of the extra time to do research on the subject of the upcoming JFASN #100.

Who will it be? I can tell you that it will be someone I have not written about here before, other than perhaps while discussing someone else.

That means he or she is a member of a rather large club, which leaves one to wonder, could it be…

Mose Allison?

George Duke?

Art Farmer?

Jamie Cullum?

Josh Workman?

Miles Davis?

Cedar Walton?

Harry Connick, Jr.?

Ella Fitzgerald?

Dave Brubeck?

Ted Gioia?

Leroy Vinnegar?

Etta James?

Duke Ellington?

Joshua Bayer?

Toots Thielmans?

Teddy Edwards?

Idit Shner?

Paul Desmond?

Bobby Broom?

Bill Frisell?

John Coltrane?

Or perhaps none of the above?

Well, as I’ve said many times before…

You’ll just have to wait and see.

7:00 PM (give or take a little) on January 4, 2014.

Thank you for reading this.

Al Evans

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