Late yesterday afternoon/early evening I posted the following on LinkedIn:

Here’s a novel thought: Keep your “cloud,” and instead have computer manufacturers concentrate on designing and building machines that don’t self-destruct (and try to take your data with them) after barely a year. The word is QUALITY. It’s something the USA used to be known for. Now we’re known for minimum wage service sector jobs and greedy corporate executives whose primary focus is their own next bonus check, no matter whose pocket they have to pick to get it.

I would have thought that a remark like that would draw some comments, either for or against. Apparently, though, this is a topic no one wants to admit exists, namely that computer manufacturers came up with “the cloud” so they could build crappy computers that don’t last. Or because it gave them an excuse to build even crappier computers that don’t last.

It’s as though the word “quality” has been removed from all their dictionaries.

Of course, I wasn’t quite as clear as I could have been to state what I meant. When I said “Keep your cloud” what I really meant was “Forget about your cloud”…

I doubt that confused too many people.

Welcome to Monday! 😉

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