This has been an interesting week, if that’s the right word. It began with me receiving word that one of my best and oldest friends lost his mother last Sunday.

Bob and I met in 1972, if I remember right, during the CB radio craze that swept the country. I only met his mom a couple of times, the most recent of which was the late 1970’s or early 1980’s.

I may not be able to remember what she looked like, but he has my deepest sympathy for his loss.

The rest of the week has not been any fun either. Thanks to my sleep apnea, I woke up every week day exhausted and feeling like crap. I could easily have called in sick at the day job and felt no remorse, but I chose not to. Instead I did my best to follow my usual routine, which included struggling to get through each day.

Saturday is one of the two days a week that I don’t need to get up at 4:45 AM, and today I took full advantage of that: I didn’t get out of bed until after 9:30. It is now a few minutes before 7:00 PM, and I spent the better part of the last two hours asleep.

It is with regret and no little trepidation that I announce that Jazz For A Saturday Night is going to go on hiatus for a while, until I can take care of the sleep apnea. My insurance has refused to cover the cost of a dental implant, and I refuse to wear a face mask connected to a noisy air pump running all night on my night stand.

I have no intention of giving this up, but something clearly has to change. I need some time to figure out what.

Thanks for reading this.

Al Evans
Wood Village, Oregon

My original content, including photos other than album covers, Copyright © 2016 by Al Evans. All rights reserved.

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