I hate New Year Resolutions. I mean, get real. No one keeps them. Do they? What an idiotic ritual. You sit down on New Year’s Eve, probably drunk, and create an idealistic list of goals that, while undoubtedly worthy, are more than likely about as reachable as the speed of light.

Talk about setting yourself up for failure! But since I’ve never been one to learn from past mistakes, here are some of my Resolutions for 2008.

1) Become a better DJ. (Wow, no pressure there.)
2) Spend less time online. (Bye bye blog? Hardly. It’s the other online stuff that needs to go on a diet, time wise.)
3) Learn to play at least one song on my acoustic guitar. One stinking song, that’s all. Just enough to justify having bought the darn thing.
4) Loose at least 10 more pounds, without getting sick to do it.
5) Reclaim my positive mental attitude.
6) Clear out all the clutter and useless junk from my condo. Including the attic.
7) Stop beating dead horses. Let the past be.
8) Go fishing this year. Buy the license, clean out the filthy old tackle box, and go.
9) Rewrite and republish my other web site, Remember Q-Link.
10) Last but not least, start writing again. Publish something (or at least have it sold) by 12/31/2008.

There you have it. A pretty pathetic list, but then I’m sober. Let me look at it again after a few beers and I’ll bet I can add a few real corkers. 😉

Meet me back here in one year and we’ll see how well I did (do? Whatever) with the list.

Let’s see YOUR list!


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