(Artist / Song Title / Album / Label)

Last night’s new releases were a great group, highlighted by a “you heard it here first” (for KMHD, anyway) with Scott Hamilton’s latest, “Across The Tracks” (#4 below). In order played, they were:

1) Jof Lee, Mel Brown, Tim Gilson / Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams / Live At Salty’s / Saphu
2) Horace Silver / Senore Blues / Live At Newport ’58 / Blue Note
3) Steve Turree /Groove’s Blues / Rainbow People / High Note
4) Scott Hamilton / Deuces Wild / Across The Tracks / Concord
5) David Brandom / TM / No Way Out / Blujazz
6) The Gust Spenos Quartet / Ow / Swing Theory / Gust Spenos
7) The Gene Harris Quartet / In A Mellow Tone / Live In London / Resonance
8) Terence Blanchard, James Moody, Benny Green, etc. / Bebop / Monterey Jazz Festival 50th Anniversary All Stars 2007 / Monetrey Jazz Festival
9) Jim Rotondi / Manteca / Four Of A Kind / Positone
10) Armand Boatman / This I Dig Of You / Bebop Revolution / Tempest

Only 10 instead of the usual even dozen, but this group makes up in quality for the lack of quantity.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the “comments” link below. If you’d like to see my complete playlist for last night’s show (0r any other), simply go to kmhd.fm and click the link labeled “playlists”.

Thank you for listening! I hope you have a happy, safe, Memorial Day holiday!


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