I hope you enjoyed Jazz Appreciation Month. I know I did! I had grand plans to do a series of articles here in honor of JAM, but that did not happen, mostly due to circumstances beyond my control. So maybe I can try to make up for that a little this month.

In my living room I have a Pioneer 6-disc CD player. Whenever I’m home and in the mood for listening to some great jazz, I fill it up and let it rip.

Besides a couple of 20 year old KLH speakers (from their Studio Acoustics series) in the living room, there are smaller KLH speakers in my bedroom and in my home office. When those speakers are turned on, whatever is playing in the living room can be heard throughout my condo.

It’s a great way to hear my music whatever I’m doing without cranking up the volume and irritating the neighbors. 😉

Here is what I’m listening to this week:

Thad Jones / Detroit – New York Junction / Blue Note / 1956
Ray Bryant / Somewhere in France / Label M / ???
Lou Donaldson / Play The Right Thing / Milestone / 1990
Red Holloway / Something Old Something New / RH Music / 2001
Benny Carter / New York Nights / MusicMasters / 1995
Jimmy McGriff / The Dream Team / Milestone / 1996

The Ray Bryant and Jimmy McGriff discs are my personal favorites of those two gentlemen’s respective oeuvres. Come to think of it, the Thad Jones album is, unfortunately, his only representation in my music library. So I guess that makes it my favorite also. 😉

I’ll have more to say about these albums later in the week. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the comment feature below or drop me a line at saturdaynightjazz@yahoo.com.

Have a great week! 🙂


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