…a new show premiered on KMHD. It was on a Saturday, and the show ran from 6PM to 9PM. Most programs were not allowed to have official titles back then, so the show went un-named for quite some time. Eventually, that show became “Saturday Night Jazz,” and the host was yours truly.

Having never been on radio before, other than my training sessions and a couple of fill-in gigs for other KMHD jocks, I was pretty much terrified that night. So to make it easy on myself, I started the show with the longest song I could find: Jimmy Smith playing the title track from his classic album, “The Sermon”.

I wasn’t able to find that version on YouTube, but I did find a clip from a BBC broadcast in 1964. Besides Jimmy Smith on the Hammond Organ it features Quentin Warren on the guitar and Billy Hart on the drums.

My gift to you… the one and only Jimmy Smith…