I have never intended to turn this blog into a forum for promoting my political political point of view. Generally, I do that on my Twitter account. (@JazzJock, if you’re interested.)

However, this is one topic that I have to speak my mind about using more than 140 characters.

Republicans and Teabaggers say that raising taxes on the very rich will be a disincentive to so-called “job creators.”

Ever since the national disgrace known as the George W. “Bring ’em on!” Bush presidency, the very wealthy in America have done very well by the tax system in this country.

They had ample opportunity to put America back to work, if that is what they really wanted do with their vast wealth. Where are all the jobs they created during that time?

The very wealthy have seen their combined net worth skyrocket. Millionaires and billionaires have done very well, while the rest of the country has gone bankrupt.

While the rich have been getting richer, working Americans have been forced to watch helplessly as their pay and benefits have been reduced or taken away entirely.

Our pensions have been gutted, our employer-provided medical insurance coverage is a pathetic joke (and which is costing employees more than ever before for our “share” of the premiums), and Social Security*, which working Americans have damn well PAID FOR with our taxes, is being derided as “an entitlement”, as if it was some sort of gift that we have been given but don’t deserve.

So should we increase taxes on the very rich? My answer is, hell yes! There is absolutely nothing wrong with demanding that those who benefited from the financial ruination of this country help pay for fixing it.


*Speaking of Social Security, if the trust fund is in such dire straights, then I would suggest we order Congress to repay the billions of dollars they have “borrowed” from the fund and never repaid.

Since there are numerous web sites spreading misinformation about Social Security, let me help clear the air by directing you to the Social Security Administration web page where they address this: http://www.ssa.gov/history/InternetMyths.html.

[NOTE: This post was expanded on 3-5-2012 at approximately 8:20 PM Pacific Time.]


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