I began writing these articles in August of 2011. At first they were pretty short, and left a lot to be desired. As time went by I began to make them longer, including more details about the music, biographical information about the artist, and links to any YouTube or Veoh videos I was able to find that related to the album.

Now I occasionally take a break from writing a new review and instead go back to revise and expand (and, I hope, improve!) one of those early reviews.

In September of 2011, I published the fourth installment of this series, a review of saxophonist Gerry Mulligan’s classic double album, “Pleyel Concert” volumes 1 and 2.

“Pleyel Concert” was recorded over four nights in France in 1954 when Mulligan and his three side men, Bob Brookmeyer (valve trombone), Red Mitchell (bass), and Frank Isola (drums), were all still in their 20’s.

With the skill of their craft and the vigor of their youth, they made these concerts an event to remember!

The original article was just over 700 words and only touched on three or four of the songs. The revised and expanded version I posted a few minutes ago still does not discuss all 24 songs on the two discs, but even so it runs to 1200+ words, 500 more than the original!

I hope you enjoy it. You can read it here.

Thank you! 🙂

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Thank you! 🙂

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