Hello, and welcome. If you came here by way of the old Blogger/Blogspot version of this site, this article will tell you a bit about what’s going on. You will also find instructions how to find the review or other post you may have been looking for over on Blogspot.

Although that other version of this site still exists for now, the content of each of the 70+ posts there has been deleted and replaced with a message pointing here, to this specific article on the new site.

For the record, when I shut down the Blogger version earlier today, the stats for the old site showed it had had 38,500+ page-views since September 2006. (The stats page below says May 2006 was the beginning. I may have set up the blog then, but did not post a message until September of that year.)

The Blogger page was still averaging 29 hits per day, which is more than this version of the site has been receiving on most days. That is despite this site having a lot more content than was on the Blogger version. That is kind of odd and more than a little frustrating since no new content has been posted by me to Blogger in over a year.

Here is part of the stats page from the Blogger version. Click the image to see a larger, readable version. (You will need to hit your browser’s page back key to return to this article.)

JFASN on Blogspot-All-Time Stats as of 2014-0718-2

If you look carefully, you will also see which posts were the top five for page-views when the blog was over on Blogspot. They were:

#5: Bobby Militello (review #36)
#4: Joe Baione (review #48)
#3: Idris Muhammad (review #23)
#2: Donald Vega (review #46)

And, the most popular review was:

#1: Michele Petrucciani (review #29)

I don’t have time now to check the current stats here on WordPress, but I will do that and get back to you on how it looks. I know the page-view numbers are down drastically here, and I am still at a loss to explain that. I refuse to believe my writing has become that pedestrian that no one likes it.

It might help if someone left a little feedback every so often to tell me how you think I’m doing. (I’m talking constructive criticism here. If all you can think of to say is “You suck!”, don’t bother.) 🙂

Depending on how many referral visits this site receives from Blogger, I am going to leave the placeholders up there for at least a couple of months and then I will probably delete every post there, except for one to refer people to come here.

Now, if you have found your way here after being referred to the Blogspot site by an outdated link, you are probably looking for a specific review or article that you are interested in. Before I go any further, I want to thank you for being interested enough to not only follow the link here but to also wade through all this explanation.

To find the article you were looking for, just scroll down this page to the Search box (located just above the button for my LinkedIn profile), type in the last name of the artist you are interested in (or the beginning of the title for the article you were looking for) and press Enter.

Alternatively, you can go the the About page and scroll down to the Index of reviews posted here. Each album title is a link to the review for that album. The list is in chronological order, oldest reviews at the top and newest at the bottom.

As you will notice, the Index includes only my jazz album reviews. To see any of my articles that are not reviews, you will have to use the Search tool as described above, or click the Home button to go to the front page and then scroll down through the articles until you see the one you’re looking for.

The Index to album reviews looks like this, but larger:

Index looks like this

As of today, July 18, 2014 the Index includes the first 111 reviews. I will update the list once the latest review on it is no longer visible on this site’s main page.

[NOTE: Since I originally wrote that a few days ago, it has occurred to me that considering how the front page of this site works, no articles will ever not be visible. Given that reality, I will be updating the Index every couple of months.]

If you would like to make a comment, please scroll down to the Leave A Reply box. Note that comments on this site are moderated and will not be visible to the public until or unless I approve them. Rude or abusive comments and spam will be deleted.

Thanks for your interest. 🙂

Al Evans
Wood Village, Oregon
July 18, 2014


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