SOP’s (standard operating procedures) have a lot in common with religion. Religion can be either a guide to living, or an anchor that holds you in the past and prevents you from evolving to deal with new realities and moving forward with your life.

An SOP, on the other hand, can guide the members of an organization to that group’s preferred responses to a given set of situations, or it can tie group members hands and prevent them from responding with integrity and honesty to given situations as they try to reach the group’s pre-defined goals.

Of course, religion can be a lot of other things too, such as a weapon to use against those you don’t like. The same is true of SOP’s.

I choose to move forward with my life. 🙂

Al Evans

APRIL 2014 ADDENDUM: This was the rather silly, roundabout message I posted after I resigned as a KMHD program host. It was meant as a message to one particular person, who shall remain nameless.

Now, almost four years later, I have to say I still miss doing Saturday Night Jazz. I have not for one minute missed doing The Gold Standard.

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